Coporate Art

corporate-art-01 Corporate Art by Pellegrino
corporate-art-04 More than 25 years of artworks and projects for companies and publishers
corporate-art-05 Agravis Headquarter in Münster
corporate-art-06 The mural of 1350 qm has become a landmark for Münster
#kleine-bronzestiere – Copy Small bronze bulls to be used as precious corporate gifts.
#corporate-art-holzform-fuer-bronzestier – Copy Work in progress: The wood shape for a big bronze bull
#corporate-art-holzform-fuer-bronzestier 2 – Copy A reference to all of us as universal beings: The surface of the bull shows protein formula and the northern hemisphere stars including the milky way. The other side refers to cave drawing and the southern hemisphere.
Stier 2 Vorderseite g850 The finishes bronze bull, 170 cm long 120 cm high
Stier 2 Vorderseite g850d1 The finishes bronze, detail
Stier 2 Vorderseite g850d2 The finishes bronze bull with protein and northern hemisphere incorporated
corporate-art-07 Collage for 175 years Bertelsmann AG
corporate-art-08 A celebration with 10.000 guests in Rheda Schlosspark
corporate-art-09 Everybody had fun to set a signature on the artwork
corporate-art-10 Swatch design for “175 Years Bertelsmann – A Future Story”
corporate-art-11 Swatch design for “175 Years Bertelsmann – A Future Story”
corporate-art-12 Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2009 in Berlin
corporate-art-13 A live painting, containing 650 small canvases. A set with one artwork each and a message from the CEO was given to each participant as a reinforcement.
corporate-art-14 Bertelsmann Office Gütersloh
corporate-art-15 A personal sculpture given to Hartmut Ostrowski by his board collegues of Arvato when he became CEO of Bertelsmann
corporate-art-16 A charitiy by DAK for the German Stroke Foundation
corporate-art-17 Big exhibition in the Europa Passage, Hamburg, with a selection of flower paintings from the national painting competition Flower for Life
corporate-art-18 Flower for Life promotional merchandising
corporate-art-19 Works for tesa AG
corporate-art-20 All different art styles mix with the tesa pruduct palette
corporate-art-21 Entry hall tesa AG
corporate-art-22 Artworks hanging in all tesa buildings in Hamburg, Budapest and Shenzen, to promote corporate identity to the employees.
corporate-art-23 tesa art
corporate-art-24 tesa art for staircases
corporate-art-25 Corporate catalogues and books
corporate-art-26 The magazine for the employees
corporate-art-27 with one of the motives on page 2, every quarter of the year
corporate-art-28 Concept for Linde AG
corporate-art-31 Corporate calender for the crane producer DEMAG AG
corporate-art-32 Corporate calender for the crane producer DEMAG AG
corporate-art-33 Corporate calender for CITRÖEN
corporate-art-34 Corporate calender for VOLVO
corporate-art-35 Concept for BASF AG
corporate-art-36 Flag Art for the former chief lawyer of BASF AG. The whole board signed the artwork.
corporate-art-38 40 years boot Düsseldorf
corporate-art-37 The anniversary set contains a book and a Flag Art painting each for 500 exhibitors.
corporate-art-40 40 years of Medica Düsseldorf
corporate-art-39 40 years MEDICA A handcarved and handpainted wooden doctor´s bag with an artwork was given to the 40 exhibitors of the first hour.
corporate-art-41 The flow of money at the German Mint “Bundesdruckerei”
corporate-art-42 Moneyfant at the German Mint “Bundesdruckerei”
corporate-art-43 Motive for Seppeler GmbH
corporate-art-45 Picture for the entry hall: Globe Int´l Internet Provider
corporate-art-46 Spiegel Magazine
corporate-art-47 HEITKAMP Coporate book edition with scientific essays.
corporate-art-48 HEITKAMP Edition: “Modell Metropolis” About development of megacities
corporate-art-49 HEITKAMP Edition: “Modell Metropolis” About development of megacities
corporate-art-50 HEITKAMP Edition: New Brave World? About modern media mechanisms.
corporate-art-51 Illustrations for Merian and many other magazines
corporate-art-52 Deuschland Magazin